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Sometimes it's tough to know where to turn when your dog, cat, or other friend isn't feeling well. We treat every animal that walks through our doors as though it was our own.

Contact us today to find out how we can become 

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About Us



Indian River Veterinary Hospital is a full-service animal clinic whose mission is to provide the highest quality of veterinary care for pets. We provide friendly, informative, compassionate, and supportive services for you and your pet. Our highly skilled veterinarians and knowledgeable supportive professional staff treat your pets as they would their own. ​Indian River Veterinary Hospital is an established veterinary clinic located in Virginia Beach. We serve the Tidewater Area providing Medical, Surgical, and Dental care for dogs, cats and small mammals.  With in-house diagnostics machines, x-ray and pharmacy our facility offers a comprehensive choice for your pet's health and medical care.

All of our staff is certified, through the Fear Free Initiative program, to care for pets that have increased anxiety or fear when traveling to the vet or during veterinary care.  

We have a number of resources for you to learn about how to take better care of your pets. You can browse around and look at pet health care information tab under info.

We’re sticking with a curbside model. Here’s why.

As 2021 moves on, Dr. Bracy and staff believe it’s important to communicate with you, our clients, about why we are maintaining our curbside service at Indian River Veterinary Hospital and why we are restricting client access to our hospital.

First, please know that this model is not our preference.  Going back to our founding in 1982, professional service with a personal touch has been our top priority.  The relationships our doctors have formed with our clients has been incredibly rewarding.  We’ve missed giving up this aspect to the extent we’ve been forced.

However, in this era of Covid-induced social distancing, governor mandates, state & local health department regulations , we must be cognizant of the reality in which we live.  According to our regulating bodies our clinic , as constructed, does not allow for sufficient social distancing without wearing masks .  

Our patients are already stressed and many are unfamiliar with us, as a visit to the clinic is not a normal part of their day. When we cover our faces, their anxiety increases.  This is not healthy for them, and it is not safe for us.  The best option is to work with our patients without covering our faces as doing so is in everyone’s best interest.  The only exception to this is when our patients are in surgery because in these times they’re not particularly, concerned with our covered faces. 

Because we will not wear face coverings as we work with our patients, we can not operate within the directives of our governor and health departments regarding Covid-19 safe practices.  And so we’re left with our present curbside model.

To facilitate the curbside model and improve your visits we’ve made a number of recent changes.

  • Additional phone lines -  Things have been busy, and we know some of you have had a hard time calling into the clinic at particular times.  We’ve taken steps to alleviate this by adding more landlines for your incoming calls .

  • Online Forms - Some check-in forms are now available online so you can fill those out electronically, prior to your visit and to expedite the check-in process. 

When you arrive for your appointment or to pick up medication or food it is important that you CALL our office. Signs may be posted with our phone number and a parking ID number. Please remain in the designated parking area, so our staff can greet you appropriately and return your pet promptly after their visit.  


While you wait, please do not attempt to "catch" the attention of our staff who are assisting other clients and patients.  When our staff is outside, they are attempting to check-in/out our doctor and technician appointments or are assisting other clients.  Service is typically first come first served. However, appointments and emergencies will be given priority.  If you have a question or concern while your waiting, phone our office and we will assist you as soon as possible. 

Weather permitting, clients who choose may be able to watch their pet's exam from our viewing window. Please indicate if this is your preference at check-in, as the room may not be available for all appointments.

We understand it is difficult being away from your pet during their visit and our staff is working very hard to provide quality medicine in an era where things have changed beyond our control.  For those who have demonstrated patience with and communicated appreciation for how we’re adapting, we are grateful for you.  




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6070 Indian River Road. Suite 116

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464

Tel: 757-420-2277


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday


12:00 PM - 5:00 PM


9am - 12pm

Every other Saturday

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Please contact our office by phone if you need immediate attention or to schedule and/or cancel appointments. Emails and requests are NOT received on holidays, weekends, or outside normal day practice business hours.

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