KATHY - Veterinary Assistant Lead


If you've ever visited the practice, you know Kathy. She has been with Indian River Veterinary Hospital/Clinic for 20+ years! 


Kathy helps the doctors by providing outstanding support such as escorting clients and pets to the examination room for appointments and obtaining samples for in-house laboratory tests. Kathy has a lifetime of experience in providing pet services such as nail trimming, expressing anal glands and cleaning ears. 


In her personal life, Kathy enjoys spending time with her husband, doberman, Recon and cat, Miracle.  She is also an avid and talented artist. 

RACHEL – Client Care Representative Lead & Certified Veterinary Assistant

Rachel is currently working as our lead client care representative, but she is also a certified veterinary assistant. Rachel is originally from Arizona but is enjoying the Virginia area! Rachel enjoys spending time with her husband and son and their dog, Samson (pictured) 


Julia - Veterinary Assistant

Julia is one of our veterinary assistants. She is currently going to college with an interest in biological research and aspirations to become a Veterinarian. Julia enjoys spending time with her husband, dog and cat and horse Luda (pictured). 

Taylor - Veterinary Assistant

Taylor is also a one of our veterinary assistants. Taylor loves her job as a vet assistant and ultimately hopes to enter a career in the Criminal Justice field.  She enjoys spending time with her special someone, and 3 cats Aela, Kookie and Paarthurnax (pictured). 


Brittney - Client Care Representative

Brittney is one of our CCR's. She plans to start Veterinary Technician school in the Fall of 2021. Brittney absolutely adores French Bulldogs. Her frenchie Murphy is pictured. 


Max is our resident house cat. He loves people…even people who don’t particularly like cats! His calling in life is comforting our clients when they are having sad moments. :(

When you come to visit IRVH, don’t forget to say Hello to Max!