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Teresa Bracy, DVM, Practice Owner

Dr. Teresa Bracy received her veterinary degree from The University of Georgia in 2013. Dr. Bracy took ownership of the practice when the previous owner, Dr. Glen Bucher retired in 2013.  

Dr. Bracy is a native of the Tidewater area, graduating from Indian River High School, in Chesapeake. Prior to graduating from veterinary school, Dr. Bracy worked as licensed veterinary technician for over 15 years in several local veterinary hospitals. 

Dr. Bracy is married to Jack Bracy and they have three children. The Bracy family includes 1 dog, 3 cats, and a 8 year old goldfish, named Broccoli. Dr. Bracy is a proud member of the Norfolk Highlands Civic league and is very active in her community.